Join the Lab



Prospective graduate students interested in joining the lab should send an email to Dr. Pilegard before applying. Please briefly describe yourself and your experience, the general types of projects you would be interested in working on, your resume/CV if you have one, and any questions you have. Because of the small size of our operation, only students with an especially close alignment of interests will be considered.


Undergraduates interested in volunteering in the lab or receiving PSYC 99/199 credit should fill out the Psychology Department Common Application (available quarterly). Additionally, I encourage interested students to complete this Google Form with lab-specific questions. Please note that the form will not be continuously monitored; I usually bring on new research assistants at the beginning of the school year and/or at the beginning of a new quarter, and will reach out to prospective research assistants at that time.

Students do not need previous research experience to apply, though I have a slight preference for students who have completed an introductory research methods class and/or have taken a class with me. Because our lab is small, recruitment can be rare and a bit random (sometimes literally -- if I have a spot open, I have been known to put all of the qualified students into a random draw). If getting involved in research is important to you, I recommend approaching more than one lab that interests you. For general advice on getting involved in research, see this page.