I am an Associate Teaching Professor in the Psychology Department at UCSD. I am interested in facilitating meaningful learning -- learning that is flexible and long-lasting. Areas of focus include metacognition, motivation, gesture, educational games, and learning with multimedia. [ CV | GOOGLE SCHOLAR ]



I am a third year PhD student in the Psychology Department at UCSD. I am interested in how people's understanding of the nature of science (e.g., science as tentative, science as a debate) impacts learning science in the classroom and evaluating scientific information in everyday life. Most of my free time is spent rock climbing, but I also enjoy hiking, surfing, and techno.


I am a third year graduate student in the Psychology Department at UCSD. I am interested in investigating how people learn to reason scientifically and how that learning is mediated through various visual representations (i.e., graphs, diagrams). I aim to extend this research by examining how these findings can inform pedagogical interventions that promote quality learning in the classroom. 


Jaylen Allison

Hello :) I am a 4th year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in African American Studies. I joined the PSI Lab this Summer as a McNair Scholar, and am currently interested in the realm of social work. I love to listen to music, binge watch shows, play basketball, and explore San Diego with friends.

Abby Despain

I am a 3rd year undergraduate studying psychology and education. I am interested in how cognitive psychology research may be applied in the classroom. I love to read, spend time outdoors, and explore new places in San Diego.


Research Assistant (2023)

Titus Ng

I’m a 2nd year undergraduate majoring in clinical psychology. Some of my research interests involve performance psychology, particularly flow states and their impact in the fields of sports and music. Outside of academia, I am passionate about swimming, playing piano, and video games.


I'm a junior year student majoring in Psychology and currently developing keen interest in the fields of developmental and cognitive psychology and their roles in educational practices. Some of my hobbies include playing the guitar, the ukulele, cooking and watching movies!


I am a fourth-year undergraduate majoring in Psychology. I am enamored by all aspects of the field but am chiefly interested in research dealing with learning and memory. My other interests include coding and filmmaking, though it's best for the public that many of my high school films are lost.

Justin Moran

Hello, I’m a fourth year undergraduate psychology student! Some of my interests include the learning of skills and cognition, the efficacy of different learning mediums, and the intersection of education with UX/UI. I also love producing/performing music, rock climbing, and learning about anything I happen to find interesting!


Hi there! I'm a senior studying psychology and philosophy. I have a broad interest in our intuitive understandings of the world (e.g. beliefs about knowledge or about self), how they vary/change, and how they influence our paths through life. Outside of the lab I love music and hiking.

Zhihui Sheng

Psychology Department Honors (2023)

ANNIE TANG  (They/Them)

Hi! I'm a fourth year undergraduate double majoring in Cognitive Psychology and Ethnic Studies. I'm interested in how cognitive mechanisms of learning inform instructional design. In my free time, I enjoy rock climbing, arts and crafts, and playing D&D with my friends!

Yakuan Wang

I'm a 4th year undergraduate majoring in psychology. I'm interested in teaching practices that are best for learning and clinical psychology. Outside of school, I like traveling, exploring new places, and just watching anything that has water: oceans, rivers, waterfalls, etc. 

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Graduate Students

Yerkezhan Tokbergen, M. A. in Educational Psychology, UCR class of 2020

Psychology Department Honors Students

Siyuan Liu (20212022), class of 2022
Yang Lu (20192020), class of 2020
Giulia Silver (20212022), class of 2022
Megan Tavares (20222023), class of 2023

Research Assistants

Bobbette Alexander (2022), class of 2022
Olivia Deniz Cetin (20222023), class of 2023
Aamyah Davis (2022–2023)
Jessica Denny (2021), class of 2022
Cecilia Fridge (2022), class of 2022
Kyle Fune (2020), class of 2021
Abigail Goldschmidt (20202021), class of 2023
Krishna Gomatam (20202021), class of 2021
Grace Hong (2020), class of 2020
Keeshia Kamura (ERC Honors; 20192022), class of 2022
Ki-Yeon Kim (2020), class of 2020
Emily Liu (2020), class of 2021
Yuxin Liu (20202021), class of 2021
Nathan Nguyen (20212022), class of 2022
Evan Schwager (2021), class of 2021
Yuhan Tao (FMP; 20222023)
Sydney Washington (STARS; 2021), CSU Fullerton class of 2023
Derek Ye (2022–2023)
Dongbowei (Iris) Zhang (20212022), class of 2022