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This is an aggregated open textbook designed for a 10-week lower-division undergraduate introduction to cognitive psychology. 

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The second edition is in progress; the full release will be available Summer 2023.

This is an adaptation of an open textbook using the bookdown package.

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So Your Classes Are All Online Now: 3 Keys to Success

Superimposing Yourself With Your Sides in Live or Prerecorded Lectures

Converting Your Research Proposal Assignment into a Preregistration Assignment


Workshop handouts

Steps for Constructing a Good Exam/ Multiple Choice Tips

Principles for Guiding Cognitive Processing in the Classroom

The Thinking Person's Guide to Active Learning Techniques


Data Analysis in Jamovi

Jamovi is a free GUI for R. These materials are designed for a research methods lab course that introduces students to basic data analysis with this software, including how to use an add-on that displays R code.

Guided breathing for test anxiety


General Psychology: Cognitive Foundations (PSYC 3R)

Online, undergraduate, large enrollment (~300+), lower-division, no prerequisites, 10 weeks

SP23 Syllabus

Research Methods in Psychology (PSYC 70)

In-person, undergraduate, large enrollment (~210), lower-division, required for psych major, prereq: intro stats, 10 weeks

SP23 Syllabus

Laboratory in Psychological Research Methods (PSYC 71)

In-person, undergraduate, lab course, medium enrollment (~50), lower-division, prereq: intro stats, intro methods, 10 weeks

WI23 Syllabus

Educational Psychology (PSYC 193)

In-person, undergraduate, topics course, medium enrollment (~50), upper-division, 10 weeks

WI23 Syllabus

The Science of Self-Regulated Learning (PSYC 87)

In-person, undergraduate freshman seminar, small enrollment (~20), 10 weeks

SP23 Syllabus

Inactive Courses

The Science of Learning with Technology (freshman seminar): SP21 syllabus (taught remotely)

Cognitive Psychology (upper-division core): SP20 syllabus (taught remotely)

Cognitive Principles of Instructional Design (teaching credential elective): SP19 syllabus

Cognitive Development in Education (Education upper-division undergraduate core): WI19 syllabus

Human Differences (Education PhD/MA elective): SP19 syllabus

Cognitive Development (Education PhD/MA core): FA18 syllabus