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Converting Your Research Proposal Assignment into a Preregistration Assignment


Cognitive Foundations

Cognitive Foundations version 1.1 (PDF; 16.8 MB)

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This is an aggregated open textbook designed for a 10-week lower-division undergraduate introduction to cognitive psychology. Please use the feedback form below to report errors or to let me know if it was helpful for your course!

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A new edition, including reformatting using bookdown, is coming in Fall 2022.

Research Methods in Psychology

Research Methods in Psychology

This is an adaptation of an open textbook using the bookdown package.


Workshop handouts

Steps for Constructing a Good Exam/ Multiple Choice Tips

Principles for Guiding Cognitive Processing in the Classroom

The Thinking Person's Guide to Active Learning Techniques


Data Analysis in Jamovi

Jamovi is a free GUI for R. These materials are designed for a research methods lab course that introduces students to basic data analysis with this software, including how to use an add-on that displays R code.

Guided breathing for test anxiety


PSYC 3, General Psychology: Cognitive Foundations

Undergraduate, large enrollment, lower-division, no prerequisites, 10 weeks

F 2019 syllabus

PSYC 70, Research Methods in Psychology

Undergraduate, large enrollment, lower-division, required for psych major, prereq: intro stats, 10 weeks

W 2020 syllabus

PSYC 71, Laboratory in Psychological Research Methods

Undergraduate lab course, lower-division, prereq: intro stats, intro methods, 10 weeks

W 2020 syllabus

PSYC 105, Cognitive Psychology

Undergraduate, large enrollment, prereq: upper-division standing, 10 weeks

Sp 2020 syllabus (taught remotely)

Inactive Courses

Cognitive Principles of Instructional Design (teaching credential elective): Sp 2019 syllabus

Cognitive Development in Education (Education upper-division undergraduate core): W 2019 syllabus

Human Differences (Education PhD/MA elective): Sp 2019 syllabus

Cognitive Development (Education PhD/MA core): F 2018 syllabus